Here’s the thing, guys:

I’m running a little dry. It happens, from time to time. I’ve found that the best thing for a creative dry spell is not to force it. Just let yourself be tired—read a book instead.

You might have heard the old quote from Chuck Close: “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work.” Far be it from me to question a great painter like Chuck Close, but honestly, sometimes you’re only preparing for a crash landing if you push yourself too far.

When inspiration isn’t striking, sure, show up. After all, I’m still writing this entry. I’m still showing the blank page/screen that I’m not intimidated, that I’ll still be here even when the ideas aren’t.

But don’t try to accomplish your masterpiece when you’re running on fumes. Jake Parker’s video on your “creative bank account” makes a great point: you can only pull out of your brain what you’ve put into it. If you’ve been withdrawing ideas and taxing your brain all month without making deposits, then you’re going to run dry.

So here’s 200 words on what I’m going to do after posting this blog: read and refill my creative bank account.

What to Do When Your Creative Juices Stop Flowing